About Me

I was born in early 80s in Poland. I took my first art lessons with my father, who at the time was
making master copies of 19th century historical paintings. That’s how in early age, I became
very familiar with oil paints, stretched canvas and the smell of turpentine. I guess that watching
my father painting various figures and expressive faces, determined my interest in portraiture
and figurative art.

I later moved to Krakow and took up art course of five years to develop my skills, and in 2008 I
was awarded Master of Arts degree.
For the next ten years I continued to paint while travelling across Europe, opening my tailoring
atelier in Krakow, working as art conservation assistant, dance teacher and tour guide.
Throughout tis time, I kept developing my skills by watching other artists’ works and
experimenting with different techniques.
In 2015 I moved to London and in 2020 I became a full time artist. I’m drawn to portraiture,
however, I like diversity and tend to work in interchanging cycles across different genres, like
landscape and still life. I’ve realised, that my plein air practice makes me a better portrait
painter and vice versa.

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