Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition, 2021King House Gallery “Seasons”Art Competition, 2021RWA Annual Open Exhibition, 2020/21Bath Society of Artists Open Exhibition, 2020Krakow City Cultural Centre, 2011“Na Strychu” Art Gallery, Krakow, 2009Museum of Municipal Engineering, Krakow, 2008Atelier Art Gallery, Krakow, 2007National University of Kiev, 2005The Governor House, Kamianets-Podilskyi (Ukraine), 2005

About Me

I was born in early 80s in Poland. I took my first art lessons with my father, who at the time wasmaking master copies of 19th century historical paintings. That’s how in early age, I becamevery familiar with oil paints, stretched canvas and the smell of turpentine. I guess that watchingmy father painting various figures …

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