I accept commissions for portraits, still life and landscape paintings in oil colours. I work from my own photographs or from life, but I’m happy to travel to a requested location, if necessary.

The total cost depends on canvas size, complexity of the theme etc., which will have to be agreed on individually.

Please call or send me a message with your enquiry and I will happily answer all your questions.


Every commission starts with face to face meeting, where we will discuss different ideas. I like to work from life when possible, which requires about three to five sittings of a few hours. I can also take photographs which I will use as a reference, this reduces the number of sittings.

When painting children or groups I will mainly use photographs which I will refer to during the painting. Please note, I do not work from supplied photographs.

I’m happy to travel to my sitters and meeting them in their natural environment where they are comfortable and at ease.

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